I’ve been teaching college level courses in art, science and technology since 2011, at community colleges, independent schools, liberal art colleges, and universities, including UCLA, Cal-Arts, SOMA Mexico, Eastern Arizona College, and Universidad Autónoma de Mexico.


Since 2014, I have been a returning instructor for the UCLA Sci|Art Nanolab, now called UCLA Sci|Art Lab + Studio. With five other instructors and guest lecturers, we use hands-on learning on nanoscience, media art, ecology, and interdisciplinary collaboration to encourage kids to imagine the impossible, and rethink the possible.



In May 2018 I began working with the Genesis STEAM Lab, in which kids can use creativity and technology to learn and propose solutions to real world needs. In a partnership, Genesis brought me to the Boys and Girls Clubs of Metro Los Angeles, where I worked as the STEAM coordinator for the clubs and as an instructor for K-12 students at Challengers, the South Central LA Club House until August 2019.


Stress related health concerns led me to begin practicing Kundalini Yoga in 2013 and I have since trained to be a yoga instructor with Tarn Taran Kaur Khalsa in the Philippines in 2017-2018. It’s a pleasure to be sharing the teachings that have brought so much health and joy to my life, and integrating them into my practice as an artist and educator. In workshops I integrate Kundalini yoga with art and science as an extension of my own personal practice, to spark a path of intuition and inspiration in others. We do collage, drawing, painting, and in more advanced workshops integrate electrical circuits into artworks. Currently I teach yoga classes and yoga-art-science workshops out of my home in Echo Park and at occasionally at some yoga studios in the region. If interested, let me know so you can come to a class sometime!



I also taught Yoga a few times at the Boys and Girls Clubs of Metro LA! We had lots of fun and the kids took away some useful self-care skills.


I have also been teaching painting and drawing at Paint: Lab since September 2019, to groups of adults and children. Through the process of creating paintings and drawings students develop many skills in observation, coordination, self-reflection and creativity. Even when teaching technical skills, I integrate mindfulness and yogic techniques to help participants grow in awareness as they create, and take that conscious creativity back into the world.

As a member of Cosmic Labyrinth, I have joined a group of amazing instructors combining science, creativity, spirituality, and cultural intelligence: “The Cosmic LAByrinth is a curation of knowledge and curiosity. We create playshops, games, and experiences that empower children, teens and the inner children in everyone with self-esteem, cultural intelligence, and understanding of mental and physical wellbeing. We implement a triangle method combining dynamic learning, integrating the 7 intelligences, and bridging science/art & spirituality.”