Energy Patterns

Transforming Tutt

Ephemeral mural, Colorado Springs, CO, USA: 8 x 30 M, 2004 Transforming Tutt, was an intervention of 18 painted burlap banners on the side of Tutt library on the Colorado College campus. The gestural forms and flow of air across the burlap acted to dissolve Tutt’s blocky cement architecture into the surrounding flow of trees,…Read more Transforming Tutt

Urban Energy Drawings

Anima Mundi

These drawings capture and elaborate upon sensations from meditations between 2006 and 2008.

Cosecha de Luz

These paintings, from the series “Cosecha de Luz”, are contemplations on vital energies and patterns felt in the body and in nature. They were catalyzed by observing the landscape, water, light, and iconography around central Mexico during a period of intensive meditation. The work germinated after witnessing my step-father’s dying process with Leukemia in Leon,…Read more Cosecha de Luz

Essence of Light/Life

How do mind and body relate to microcosm and macrocosm? How can images form a bridge between daily awareness and the forces that operate beneath or beyond the quotidian? These questions weave into my practice, which centers around drawing and ephemeral public work. I visually articulate experiential insights that deal with personal wounds, the energy…Read more Essence of Light/Life

Quantum Biology

The Art|Sci Collective invited the POM 2021 conference’s audience and colleagues, to jump collectively with us from one space of possibility – where quantum mechanics asserts, we ‘don’t know’ and ‘can’t know’, to the next – in which experimental techniques such as time-resolved microscopy, ultrafast spectroscopy, single molecule spectroscopy, or even single particle imaging, enable…Read more Quantum Biology