Museum of Endoluminosity

Cat’s Eyes Nebula

Non-local interactive telematic sculpture, part of the series “Performing Quantum Entanglement: Subtle Apparatuses for Extrasensory Affectiveness” by Clarissa Ribeiro, and the collective project “Museum of Endoluminosity” by Mick Lorusso Might quantum entanglement occur on multiple scales: a subatomic level, a personal affective level, and even an interstellar level? In this telematic artwork, individuals in two locations enact…Read more Cat’s Eyes Nebula

Museum of Endoluminosity: Phase I, From Nanodiamonds to Healing

A project developed in conversation withUCLA Art|Sci Collective, Alia Ghoneum, Dr. Jim Gimzewski, Dr. Dean Ho, Clarissa Ribeiro, Dr. Benjamín Domínguez and Dr. Yolanda Olvera, friends, family, and others. Supported by the UCLA Art|Sci Center andArttextum / Promoción del Arte, Madrid Feb 19 – March 18, 2015 UCLA Art|Sci Gallery, CNSI Flickr Photos of Exhibition…Read more Museum of Endoluminosity: Phase I, From Nanodiamonds to Healing

41st Century Mind Mastery

Installation, 826LA Time Travel Mart Echo Park, Los Angeles, CA: 3 x 3 x 2 M, 2019   At 826LA, a creative writing center for kids with a time travel theme, the window display takes visitors to the year 4019 C.E. when humans have learned how to use their minds and bioelectrical charge masterfully to…Read more 41st Century Mind Mastery