41st Century Mind Mastery

Installation, 826LA Time Travel Mart Echo Park, Los Angeles, CA: 3 x 3 x 2 M, 2019


At 826LA, a creative writing center for kids with a time travel theme, the window display takes visitors to the year 4019 C.E. when humans have learned how to use their minds and bioelectrical charge masterfully to communicate telepathically with each other and other organisms, to produce electrical power, and to have enhanced sensory and projective fields. Some of the special technologies on display that 41st century citizens use include the Mind- Power Generator, the Mind-to-Mind Communicator, the Mind-Plant Communicator and the Mind-Radio Broadcaster.

21st century research into Brain-Computer Interfaces (BCI) that can use our thoughts to control smart devices and the Human Connectome Project for mapping the neural pathways of thoughts seem to be only the beginning of a deeper understanding and applications of human consciousness. And ancient yogic knowledge and practices for controlling one’s own mind are becoming more widespread and understood for their health benefits.

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