Ecological Interactions

Potential Energy Carbon Conserves

Public intervention about local sources and uses of energy, created at Colorado Art Ranch & Elsewhere Studio Residency, Paonia, CO, USA: 1.2 x 2.4  x 0.6 M, 2011 As an artist-in-residence with Colorado Art Ranch at Elsewhere Studios in Paonia, Colorado, I developed an interactive project called Potential Energy: Carbon Conserves, which I brought to the Mountain Harvest…Read more Potential Energy Carbon Conserves

Micro-Macro Transfer Points

Interactive sculpture through PLAND & ISEA, New Mexico, USA: 1.5 x 1.5 x 3.5 M, 2012 A Micro-Macro Transfer Point can be classified as any object, moment, being, energy or idea that connects the invisibly small with the incredibly large. While at PLAND, a residency program without electricity or running water, I began to see…Read more Micro-Macro Transfer Points

Vodnik’s Cells

During a residency at ArtMill, in the Czech Republic, I created sculptures and photos in response to the extreme algal bloom in the nearby Red Pond, caused by excessive fertilizers and pesticides from neighboring fields, while considering algae as cultivators of solar energy: biological capacitors. Vodnik, a water spirit who features in Czech stories and…Read more Vodnik’s Cells

Becoming Mangrove

Interactive media sculpture at Rauschenberg Residency, Rising Waters Confab II, Captiva, FL, USA: 1.2x 1 x 0.5 M, 2016 During the Rising Waters Rauschenberg Residency I examined the micro-ecologies of Captiva Island and North Captiva Island under a webcamera microscope, and found the water and soil around the mangroves to be especially rich in life.…Read more Becoming Mangrove

Free Rising Water Therapy

Photo credit: Jered Genova Performance at Rising Waters II Confab, Rauschenberg Residency, Captiva, FL, May 2016 (thematic residency of artists, scientists, philosophers, architects, and urban planners discussing the solutions and responses to the rising waters of climate change) Jared Genova and I did a test run of the Free Rising Water Therapy session on the edge of…Read more Free Rising Water Therapy

Water Canning

Public sculpture and workshop developed with the Art|Sci Collective and Dr. Olivia Osborne, CURRENT:LA public art biennial, Los Angeles, CA, July-Aug 2016 Part of the CURRENT:LA WATER public art biennial, Water Canning is a collective sculpture consisting of glass jars containing water from the region that sets the stage for a water awareness workshop that includes instructions…Read more Water Canning

Microbial Witness/Atlas

MICROBIAL WITNESS/ATLAS Collaborative research and installation projects with Joel Ong Artists Mick Lorusso and Joel Ong describe the multitudes of microbes that inhabit our world as witnesses to the unfolding of planetary life, through cataclysm, adaptation, conflict, and partnership. As John Ellis expressed in Seeing Things, to witness an event is to be responsible in…Read more Microbial Witness/Atlas

Explaining a Bosch Triptych to a Dying Glacier

I peformed Explaining a Bosch Triptych to a Dying Glacier five times while in residency at Konkordiaplatz, with Matza Aletsch, on the largest glaciers of the Swiss Alps. It was a meditation and an effort to communicate with the glaciers, to apologize for human recklessness, to ask for forgiveness, to express gratitude and love to…Read more Explaining a Bosch Triptych to a Dying Glacier

Drachen of Aletsch (Songs to Aeolian Microbes)

Some scientific research suggests that microbes make be important in cloud formation and precipitation. During the Matza Aletsch residency on the glaciers of the Swiss Alps, I collected and sang to air-born microbes as our cellular forebears, or ancestors. To connect with this aerial realm, I made three kites, or Drachen (meaning both kite and…Read more Drachen of Aletsch (Songs to Aeolian Microbes)