Potential Energy Carbon Conserves

Public intervention about local sources and uses of energy, created at Colorado Art Ranch & Elsewhere Studio Residency, Paonia, CO, USA: 1.2 x 2.4  x 0.6 M, 2011

As an artist-in-residence with Colorado Art Ranch at Elsewhere Studios in Paonia, Colorado, I developed an interactive project called Potential Energy: Carbon Conserves, which I brought to the Mountain Harvest Festival in late September. The piece was a sculptural market stand containing jars of coal from local mines and canned fruits harvested from North Fork Valley farms. It was designed to spark off community dialog about local sources and uses of energy, whether they be in the form of fossil fuels, renewable energies, food, or even physical and emotional states. As a record of such discussion and reflection on energy, festival visitors contributed quotes on tags that adorned the Carbon Conserves jars. At the end of the festival, I gave jars away to people who had contributed quotes.

Original project page:


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