Imbued with Light


May 21, 2011
MFA Thesis Exhibition

San Francisco Art Institute

In the installation Imbued with Light, I investigate the energy contained within organic matter, with an emphasis on converting organic waste into electricity through a collaboration with bacteria. Microbial Fuel Cells (MFC’s), the glass cylinders that contain mud, compost, and graphite electrodes, produce a small electrical current when bacteria in the soil break down carbohydrates anaerobically (without oxygen). The work aims to provoke a sense of mystery around the energy that extends through our food, our waste, and the soil of the earth, while suggesting a symbiosis between micro- organisms, humans that may become integral to a post fossil fuel future.

Installation materials:
Microbial Fuel Cells (sealed glass cylinders, mud, compost, water, graphite electrodes, 22 gauge wire), Celluclay orb, LED, glue, steel rod, floating shelves.
Orange peels, wire stakes.
Florescent light boxes, backlight prints of inverted drawings
Colored pencil drawing of Geobacter bacteria.
Chile, grape twig, 22 gauge wire, gator clips, plexiglass case, poplar stand.