Micro-Macro Transfer Points

Interactive sculpture through PLAND & ISEA, New Mexico, USA: 1.5 x 1.5 x 3.5 M, 2012

A Micro-Macro Transfer Point can be classified as any object, moment, being, energy or idea that connects the invisibly small with the incredibly large. While at PLAND, a residency program without electricity or running water, I began to see almost everything as such Micro-Macro Transfer Points, including my eyes and nostrils, the cistern that captured roof drainage, rainbows over the landscape, the anthills, and especially my bike-powered papercrete mixer.  I designed the mixer in response to PLAND’s request for an efficient off-the-grid way of mixing papercrete, a combination of paper pulp and concrete, for their ongoing main house construction. While contributing to a practical need for shelter, the project also reiterates an ecological perspective that both PLAND and I share: nothing is waste. From composting humanure for a garden to pulping up discarded books for house walls, what is often unwanted has the potential to be transformed into material of great value.