Water Canning

Public sculpture and workshop developed with the Art|Sci Collective and Dr. Olivia Osborne, CURRENT:LA public art biennial, Los Angeles, CA, July-Aug 2016water-canning-lorusso-art-sci-closeup-stands-jars

Part of the CURRENT:LA WATER public art biennial, Water Canning is a collective sculpture consisting of glass jars containing water from the region that sets the stage for a water awareness workshop that includes instructions for creative tasks on the topic that participants can perform and upload to waterbodies.org.

In collaboration with the Art|Sci Collective, Dr. Olivia Osborne will present her research on how silver nanoparticles in consumer products end up in water bodies/rivers affecting the aquatic environment.

Glass jars for Water Canning will be provided during the two Art|Sci Collective × CURRENT:LA workshops on July 24th and August 7th, but everyone around the world is invited to participate and add their own special drop through the website waterbodies.org !

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