Museum of Endoluminosity: Phase I, From Nanodiamonds to Healing

Endoluminosity_Cano_Frida_A project developed in conversation withUCLA Art|Sci Collective, Alia Ghoneum, Dr. Jim Gimzewski, Dr. Dean Ho, Clarissa Ribeiro, Dr. Benjamín Domínguez and Dr. Yolanda Olvera, friends, family, and others.
Feb 19 – March 18, 2015

Many traditions speak of an internal sense of light that can heal and convey wisdom.

My adopted father was diagnosed with Leukemia in the summer of 2002, and rapidly the illness transformed him. A disease so voracious as Leukemia also brings intense psychological trials and transformations, and with Pancho, as we called him, we witnessed him shed layers of built up defenses and secrets, and go on epic journeys in his dreams. The suffering made his body frail but his eyes and smile glowed. In his last days, a brain hemorrhage left him without speech. I dreamed him speaking to me, showing me his brain, where blood flooded its tissues, but also an intense light poured from the brain’s center. He then stood before me, about to board a bus, so bright with light that I could barely see his body. It was his way of telling me that he was ok.

The Museum of Endoluminosity continues my personal investigation into the transformation that I witnessed with Pancho, and extends an invitation to others to contemplate and consider approaches to healing, transformation, and consciousness.

In this first version of the Museum of Endoluminosity, we focus on diamonds, crystalized carbon that we all recognize for its intense transmission and refraction of light. From spiritual traditions, such as the Buddhist Diamond Sutra, which uses diamond to describe a state of mind that cuts through all illusions and distractions, to scientific literature that demonstrates how nanodiamonds can cut through even the toughest tumor cells, we see how diamonds have a mysterious transformational power for both body and mind.

Current research into the Nanodiamond as a method of drug delivery that allows chemotherapy and other treatments to be administered more precisely and in lower doses, may become even more effective if the symbolic sense of the diamond is conveyed to patients. What if more of us took medicines in combination with imaginative mechanisms for helping internalize their effect, speaking to our body and mind to help increase the power of a medical therapy?

In the Museum of Endoluminosity, we also emphasize interpersonal relationships as providing an essential net of love and support that links us across space and time, and helps us with illness and crisis, illuminating our lives through shared experiences and ideas.

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