Essence of Light/Life

How do mind and body relate to microcosm and macrocosm? How can images form a bridge between daily awareness and the forces that operate beneath or beyond the quotidian? These questions weave into my practice, which centers around drawing and ephemeral public work. I visually articulate experiential insights that deal with personal wounds, the energy of being, and the patterns of nature.

Essence of Light/Essence of Life emerges from my experiences in the Peruvian Amazon where I lived with a Shipibo shaman and her family during the summer of 2010. Strong encounters with the complex ecology of the rainforest, the profound richness of the Shipibo culture, and the core of my own mind and heart intermingle in these photographs and drawings. A central point of my transformational journey is my encounter with the diamond, made of carbon, the building block of all life. Instead of forming through the pressures of the earth, this diamond forms within the wounds of the heart. As a prism, carefully cut over time, it can transmute darkness, fears, and obstructions into light, pure energy, of which all things are made. Through this internalized diamond, the essence of light reveals itself as the essence of life.

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