The Biohack Academy 4 (BHA4) is a 10 week intensive international course on DIY biology techniques by the Waag Society. As a recent transplant to New Mexico, I have joined the Univeristy of New Mexico node of the Biohack Academy, through the Social Media Workgroup, run by Andrea Polli Ph.D.

You can see updates on the github page started for the course:

In connection to my current collaboration with Joel Ong on the correlations between the environmental microbiome and the body microbiome, I proposed the idea Microbial Utopia/Distopia – Soil to Skin as my midterm to the BHA4. Watch it on Vimeo here.

My final presentation, with the results of the first experiments is here: 

Soil to Skin – Mick Lorusso Final Presentation for Biohack Academy 4 from Mick Lorusso on Vimeo.

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