macro-micro-nano-climate-m-lorusso2-smMacro-Micro-Nano Climate is a series of works based on my research and interest into the relationship between Gaia, our planet Earth as a macro organism, and all of the living cells on the earth. The microbes of the planet become the protagonists of this work, featured for their role in producing clouds, and as messengers and mediators between all living beings on the planet.

I am presenting Macro-Micro-Nano Climate at two locations in Saitama, Japan, as part of International Open Air Expressions. Thanks to Onodera San and Iwaki San and all of the Iwaki students for their support and for participating in workshops for learning about microbes and depicting them in woodblock prints.

Artist and director of Arttextum, Frida Cano, is exhibiting along with me in both locations.

The first location was at the Sanbancho Gallery, from October 26th until November. The second exhibition opens at Tokyo Denki University in Saitama on December 3rd.





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