Joel Ong and Mick Lorusso present selections from their collaborative projects and research situated at the intersections of microbiology, environmental mythology & computational art. By conducting field and lab research on the microbiome, installations, performances, workshops, residencies and publications, the artists inquire into the relationship that humans may have to ecological systems through microbes that traverse the earth. Algorithmic processes inform the feedback loops between performing agents: microbes, their hosts, and their Umwelten. They recently published about their research in PUBLIC 59: Interspecies Communication following their residency at the Coalesce Centre for Biological Arts at SUNY Buffalo.

Presenting prints of Mick’s performances on the Swiss Glaciers and drawings of airborne microbes made with bacteriological stains, plus an augmented reality view of the “microbial sage” or Pseudomonas syringae.



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