A group of international bioartists, including me, cultured the microbes in different zones based on the science of Proxemics, or areas of social comfort. Slated to open at DesignTO in Toronto on January 22nd, it will now open online due to increased lockdown restrictions during the pandemic.

Artistic Directors: Joel Ong, Elaine Whittaker
Original Drawings: Elaine Whittaker
Graphic Design Programming: Natalie Plociennik, Bhavesh Kakwani
AR/Web development: Sachin Khargie, Ryan Martin
Roberta Buiani
Nathalie Dubois Calero
Sarah Choukah
Nicole Clouston
Jess Holz
Mick Lorusso
Maro Pebo
Felipe Shibuya

Video Editor: Nada El-Omari
Sound designer: Michael Palumbo
Web designer: Lu Zhouyang

Project website: http://www.proximalspaces.com/

Sci-artist process interviews:

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