Biodiamond Energy Theater

Workshop, Saturday, November 9, 2013
with MAP2013 at Perot Museum of Nature and Science
As part of the exhibition Make Art with Purpose 2013 (MAP2013), I created a one-day workshop installation hosted by the Perot Museum of Nature and Science (Dallas, TX) in which participants help assemble and feed Microbial Fuel Cells that power the light for a DIY computer microscope. This webcam microscope magnifies living samples of the same bacteria found in the MFCs onto a computer screen, which is contained within a miniature theater space. Using a live-footage editing program, participants combine quotes and imagery with the scenes of bacteria, thereby creating digital silent films. The results of the workshop are recorded and made available for future screenings. Ultimately, Biodiamond Energy’s microbial laboratory-theater playfully suggests possible symbioses between microorganisms, humans, and technology that may become integral to a post fossil fuel future.
Many thanks to:
Janeil Englestad: Founding Director of MAP2013,
Kristina Anderson: Manager of Adult and Family Programs at the Perot Museum of Nature and Science,
Kat Burkett: MAP Production Assistant, Biodiamond Energy Project documentation
Pamela Miller: MAP Treasurer
Many volunteers from the Perot Museum who helped so much!

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